Tests Offered


Gastroscopy (examination of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) and colonoscopy (examination of large bowel) arranged as a day case and inpatient.

Dr Vadamalayan is an experienced endoscopist and performs (camera) tests for children from age 0 to 18 years of age. He also performs special procedures like single and double balloon enteroscopy for children with complicated anatomy (after bowel transplantation or liver transplantation).


Special Endoscopy

This includes video capsule enteroscopy (pill camera) and single/double balloon enteroscopy.

Breathing, Spirometry In A Child

Breath tests

Lactose and fructose intolerance. Done by the outpatient clinic. This is done to diagnose sugar intolerance, bacterial overgrowth and helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Unrecognizable doctor palpating belly of little girl lying on couch in doctors office and smiling

Common Gastro procedures

Includes Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Stool test and Blood test. Food sticking sensation in throat, vomiting, chest pain, heart burn and choking episodes.

hands of a lab technician with a tube of blood sample and a rack with other samples / lab technician holding blood tube sample for study

Stool blood and scan

This is an initial diagnostic test to understand the blood health. This test includes a variety of vitamins (A, E and others). Test includes ultrasound and also diagram to examine.

Woman in a rubber gloves holding a glass electrode for measuring of pH of the solution using pH meter. Analytical or electro chemistry laboratory.

PH study for reflux test

This includes a conventional 24-hour pH study, impedance pH study and Bravo capsule

Doctor or nurse holding in hand test tubes for blood tests, taking other biological samples for diagnostic tests and diagnosis of disease on background of procedural room or laboratory

Food allergy tests

This can be arranged for foods including cow’s milk, wheat, soya, fish and nuts.

Portrait of smiling doctor examining stomach of little boy and asking him to say where it hurts

Motility studies

This is done to assess the bowel movement, this includes gastric emptying study, colonic transit marker and manometry.



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